Distributing non-toxic, pure organic clothing, footwear, and home products as pure and descentralized as possible through various channels.

So, what does sweatshop-free products really mean in the real world? It means that our artisans in USA, Canada, and Europe are paid above-average salaries. In our European atelier, our team gets 20 days of vacation per year. Each is given a daily food ticket, plus all the benefits that the European Commission entitles workers to, like healthcare, insurance, and employer contributions. To top it off, we provide a comfortable, friendly, airy, and light-filled work environment.

Many of our artisans have been with us since the beginning. We are family. Our sweatshop-free organic products reflect this fact in the care and love that go into each and everyone of them.

Our sweatshop-free products are also GMO-free, pesticide-free, formaldehyde-free, PVC-free, dioxin-free. No heavy metals, no acids, no caustic soda (the common ingredient in hemp manufacturing in China and India -- the hemp is broken down with acids and caustic soda, then spun like cotton). For us, we use time-honored methods of dew-retting and stream-retting to process the hemp fibers, then mechanically comb them into beautiful long-staple fibers which is much stronger and purer than if they had been processed with chemicals.